We are SUPER – Single Use Plastic Elimination and Recycling task force – located on Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada

Our mission is to work towards the elimination of as much single use plastic as possible and to try to ensure that the rest, along with other plastics, are recycles.

To do this, our goals are to:
Research: alternatives to plastic and related life cycle analysis; plastic impacts; recycling; and other relevant subjects
Education: via articles, online and in the media; presentations; and films like Blue Planet II and Ocean Plastic
Outreach: to stores, shops, restaurants, etc, to reduce their use of single-use plastic and, hopefully, work with them to achieve positive results; and possibly reach out beyond Salt Spring to have a larger impact

Our current members, who all live on Salt Spring Island, are:

Michelle Mech, Tom Mitchell, Susan Hanon, Lea Weir, Eliza Rathje, Florence Daurelle, Iain Leckie, and Martin Adam

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